Dark fate! Simple, epic and nostalgic 7/10

@Terminator brings the stakes back to the franchise! A perfect trilogy with a perfect follow up to Terminator 2! Simple but epic! 8/10 Nostalgic

Joker – A modern day cinematic master piece!

Director Todd Phillips and Lead act Joaquin Phoenix created the most compelling and close to realty Joker origin story to date.

Hobbs and Shaw – Pure 90s fun and over the top action.

Honestly the movie defies Gravity! Physics and Logic so really what can one expect! Chemistry between Dwayne and Stat-ham was 🔥

Use the Far from home suits on Spiderman PS4

The skins are worth the download/ Update. Just replayed the Spiderman PS4 New game+ and I'm using the night...

Box office’s Babayega a solid 8/10 John Wick Chapter 3 was too hard

@JohnWickMovie probably the needs to be renamed, John wick - The Grim Reaper That Casablanca scene and the Nonstop...

Long live the King

@GodzillaMovie 7/10 definitely better than the 1st movie for me... for the monster mash up. Reminds me of the Skull Island beat...

End Game went BIG!

Have you ever watched something larger than life? An amazing conclusion to a 10 year story. Masterfully and...

Shazam – The real Captain Marvel

Shazam breathes more fresh air on the DC warner bros CBMs genre. A unique...

End Game New Trailer

Mark your calendars, This 27 of April, the avengers do whatever it takes #TalkingMoviesUg

Anthem – feel the power of the Javelins

Imagine a world where you have the power to go tow to tow with monsters 5 times your height and 100 times...