Its Thursday again! here’s my cinema wrap up via ‪#‎TalkingMoviesUg‬

This week’s line up:
Independence day, Central intelligence, Finding Dory, TMNT “Out of the shadows” and The Legend of Tarzan (a shirtless dude playing with animals)

Now to dig into this movie pie, As usual I did visit the cinema last week, had to pick between Finding Dory and TMNT and being the sceptic i am and the fact that i had 2 10 year olds with me, I decided to watched TMNT out of the shadows (HUGE MISTAKE!!!). TMNT was a bit of a struggle for me but the Lil dudes enjoyed it but me, so i figure its a 18years and below sorta thing! But If you liked the 1st one then i guess somehow you’l like this one too so go give it a try

dont do it meme

Rating: a merciful 4/10

My picks for this week/weekend are;

1.NOT TMNT!!! hahahaha disregard this option

1.The Legend of Tarzan

legend of tarzan.jpg

Seen the Trailers and it looks pretty decent but you know how trailers can be. The cast is dope, who wouldn’t want to see a movie with Samuel L Jackson, Alexander Skarsgård aka Guy from true blood, Christoph Waltz, Djimon Hounsou, Margot Robbie and Koba from Dawn of the planet of the apes😅  just playing but may be it is him!

Side note: Tarzan is shirtless almost all movie long so Guys don’t take your ladies and ladies well,… i’d tell you to carry lotion but thats for the gents i guess

I’l be watching this one tonight and i really hope its as good as the 1999 Disney classic . not the 1985, 1995, 1998,… generally not any of the previous ones could boy do they suck!

2. Finding Ellen Degeneres*


Not really much to say about this cause it was something the little ones i went with enjoyed, they almost made me go in for another screening! But yeah this is a Pixar movie so you bet it will be awesome, Finding Dory is one of those movies that will just make you happy, its something great for the whole family so go watch this one today or over the weekend!

PS Finding NEMO was better and the animation and voice actors were brilliant!

And On my NOT to waste time watching in cinema list is,…drum roll Absolutely nothing today, they are all cinema worthy movies as long as you watch TMNT in 3D the rest are alright. So yeah watch those today if you can at the Century Cinemax Uganda and remember movies are on discount today at only 12K thanks to Airtel Uganda‘s  ‪#‎AirtelThursday ‬promo.

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