Its Thursday again! here’s that cinema wrap up via ‪#‎TalkingMoviesUg‬
1st things 1st, this week’s line up at Century Cinemax Uganda #AirtelThursday promo
The Legend Of Tarzan (3D ), Ice Age: Collision Course (3D ),
Me Before You (2D), Finding Dory (3D), Central Intelligence (2D ) and
Sultan – (Hindi with English subtitles)
Serving up this weeks review is the one and only Danze Drifta Louis
louis image.jpeg
Louis is mainly into comic book movies (expected) anything based from dc to marvel. and Animations too.
I had a quick Q&A with him about what he like about cinema and this is what he had to say;
Favourite movie this year: Batman vs superman the ultimate edition conflicting with capt america civil war.
Movies watched previous week: Independence day and legend of tarzan
Rating: independence day 4/10
Rationale: Well coz i understand it was an idea based movie from will smith’s which was kind of cool but then again it had alot of plot holes, a little too much unnecessary humor for my liking.
Rating: Legend of Tarzan 7/10
Rationale: It stuck true to originality in an impressive visual way.
legend of tarzan 2.jpg
Recommendations for this week:
“Finding Dori for those that like finding nemo.. and Ice age never disappoints, u should catch that one for sure..”


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