fero snapI introduce myself as a movie fanatic ,a hardcore movie fanatic,gamer and a music lover
Am mostly into action movies and comedy movies most especial the ones based on comic books,horrors once in a while BUT NOT ROMANTIC MOVIES romantic movies is just shit that a nigger like me watches to get laid. My favourite movie this year is batman vs superman the ultimate edition

I would rate it 8.5/10 because of the great storyline ,the top notch performance of Ben Affleck as batman ,the wonderful portrayal of batman and wonder woman and then of course the amazing action sequences ……to be specific the batman action scenes

And then again it is directed by one of my favourite directors in Hollywood today and that is Zach Snyder
BVS is truly a superhero movie masterpiece


So far my worst movie is TMNT 2 because its one movie i had very high hopes for but it really disappointed me
Stephen Amells performance as Casey Jones was total trash ,nothing like in the cartoons this movie just showed that he Amells should stick to the small screen big budget movies are not yet his speciality .the whole brotherhood aspect,being true to yourself and the rest of the emotional staff was a total bore perhaps children enjoyed it but I doubt adults did, but the movie did manage to pull off a few laughs here and there. The latest movies i watched in the last 2 weeks are: The legend of Tarzan, Ice age And central intelligence

Fero gave BVS Ultimate Edition an 8/10

I would give the legend of Tarzan 7/10
Its another attempt at rebooting the iconic classical character of Tarzan .this movie is more of like an adult version of the jungle book .it has great action sequences in fact the Tarzan action is too over the head one might think the dude is on some sort of jungle steroids .and once again Christoph waltz delivers a brilliant performance as the main villain of the movie
This movie is a must watch

Ice age collision course delivers a good amount of laughs with its well coordinated humour
Very nice animation ,enjoyable to watch, the voice cast did a very good job as expected ,if you are interested in spending the weekend laughing this is highly recommended for you to watch. I give ice age 8/10
Central intelligence is a movie that brings the rock and Kevin hart together the two actually turn out to be quite the dynamic duo on the big screen
I watched central intelligence hoping to see some good comedy but the movie seemed to have more action than comedy to me ,i wasn’t impressed by it that much
But am still a big fan of the rock .i give it 5/10

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart brought to life

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence

So my favourite movies for this past week are the legend of Tarzan and ice age

This week star trek beyond is coming and i highly recommend it for all the sci-fi and action lovers
Since the reboot all the star trek movies have delivered not even one of them disappointed. I see this movie as a must watch
Another movie that’s coming out this week is ghost busters

Ghost busters 2016

I see it as Hollywood trying to enforce feminism because its a ghost busters reboot with an all round female cast
If you have the time to spare and you want to some comedy feel free to watch it
But i don’t recommend you to get your hopes high


*And finally, Guys remember one thing
Nothing is better than watching a 3D movie on the big screen
So don’t wait for the pirated versions of this movies to come out ,grab your babe or your dude and get yourself to the nearest cinema and enjoy yourselves*


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