Chicken and Chips, What you need to know:

Chicken & Chips is a weekly pop culture magazine, that focuses on relationships and combines music, journalism, puppetry and animation to create the freshest blend of edutainment in Uganda. Airs every Sunday at 1:30pm on NTV Uganda.

Check out the Pilot on their channel

So i actually thought this was a food show until,.. well until i watched it, lol and them i’m like Uganda Sesame street hehehe

I must say Twas a nice way to bait me, hehehe didn’t know you knew i was a foodie (self proclaimed)

Anyway after catching the Pilot last Sunday and again on Youtube, I think It’s a unique way of  “teaching” and talking about real life issues hope our very critical Ugandan audience adjusts well to this, especially when the content is directed at the youth

But i wonder who the voice actors are

So far so good, looking forward to Episode 2,….Thumbs up!


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