So Zack just dropped the Bat’s Tactical Suit on us!

Zack Snyder’s tweet

Here is a closer look at the suit and I know what y’all thinking,… (Night owl) but before we all go Watchmen on this one lets take time and appreciate the concept.


There’s the display that we saw a while back when they announced #BvS

looks like this is part of the Tactical suit, but well i could be wrong (I’m not). Figure it’s what Alfred was fiddling with in the bat cave scene in the very epic BvS


The 2017 DCU movie “Justice League” will feature Batman along side Wonder woman, Cyborg, The flash, Aquaman and Superman (weak link)

Batman who seems to be playing the “collector” roll so far as seen from the trailer earlier in the year will be taking on some roll in the movie which will require him to wear his Tactical suit.

The suit variations have been many,. there’s the Nolan Batman suits,


We had a “tactical” war ready suit he wore in Dawn of justice and of course my favourite by far are the Arkham game (Arkham Knight) suits


What do you guys think? let me know in the comments below


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