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I know many of you are planning to watch Kong skull Island today at Manic Monday or your preferred cinema through out the week, so here are a few things you need to know about the Kong reboot. #TalkingMoviesUg

1. It’s probably the best we have seen Kong on screen (better than the 2005 remake) minus the empire state building drama. So relive Kong through “kong’s eyes” It’s presented in a setting we can relate to!

2. Kong has a lot of screen time
We see enough of the 300ft ape and It’s not just a monster its “god vs man” setting. Think an 80’s Rambo or platoon war zone mixed with that jungle from predators on steroids, lol

3. Meet Loki and Captain Marvel 🙂
Yes MCU actors Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson are in this movie and they do a pretty good job at standing up to the “bad guy” (Won’t spoil for you) They have a much bigger role towards the climax of the movie

4. Monarch is back
Monarch is a fictional organisation founded in 1954, following the USS Nautilus’ discovery of Godzilla. (2014)

Be sure to seat through the credits and wait for the BIG surprise at the end!

This movie is by Warner Bros./Legendary Entertainment

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