New week, new movie review.
Lets dive right into the #TalkingMoviesUg review.

0. 🙂 Lol The movie is awesome! If you loved the 90s mighty morphine show. 2017 new age power ranger movie. Go with your kids it’s has adult topics

1. It’s a character story.
The acting is very impressive especially from Billy! he was my best character. The cast gives the faces behind the masks a lot of screen time and development. Focus is though on 3 of the 5 rangers but that makes sense. You’ll see why.

2. Zordon, Alpha 5 and Rita connection.
The Voice acting is great, the movie sticks to the original story line and explains who and what a Power ranger is all about.
-The opening sequence is a much needed part of the movie. So make sure your in before it starts


3. Controversial Topics
The movie tackles some very tricky issues that face the youth or the word now days. Il let you be the judge of that but personally it’l make or break the movie

4. They pay homage to the show
Some where along the movie you will be beaming! wont spoil for you but Power Rangers doesn’t forget its own!
Even the Music will make you smile!

Power rangers.jpg5. A need to assemble!
MCU’s Avengers assembled, DCU’s League is going to assemble and yes the rangers will assemble. There are already 6 movies lined up to follow from this NEW one

6. The Zords
To be fair, I dint expect much from the rangers zords BUT my oh my was i blown away by the Mega zord! This rang bells of Pacific Rim and Transformers (Optimus prime)
The construct was a bit odd for me but at that point in the movie when they are relevant well, boy did they turn up!

Yes like marvel and most movies do these days, there is a post credit scene. So stick around for that Pleasant surprise

Verdict: Go and watch this movie at your local cinema. There is #ManicMonday at Century Cinemax Uganda and 10k at 3D Cinema Magic before 7pm

This movie is by Lionsgate Power Rangers


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