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So Wonder Woman drops tomorrow and with that 97% Rotten Tomatoes It’s a definite MUST Watch.
Beyond the obvious hype here are 5 interesting facts about the 2017 wonder woman which took a whole 20 years development process!
1.Events in this movie happen before those of 2016’s Batman v Superman. (she was the spark of the movie)
4.Its was directed by a female Director Patty Jenkins
Its the 1st time a woman is directing a female super hero movie.
-Who runs the world? 💃
2.Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) had to ramp up 17 pounds of muscle for this iconic role on top of that rigorous martial arts training and 6 months gym work
3.Meet Etta Candy, Wonder Woman’s side kick (her robin if she was batman 🙂 ) played by Lucy Davis. They stuck to the original NOT the millennial version.
Etta candy .jpg
5.This live action version of #WonderWoman is a blend of the 1941 classic and new 52 version
Hype level 80% 🙌 can’t wait to watch this Tomorrow!
release the hype engine
The gentlemen take your ladies… and DC faithfuls lets go give it a viewing
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