Tom Holland

“The modern day Spiderman!”

Some have called him the millennials type hero.


Here are 6 Things that stood out

1. Training wheels

Even though spidey featured in civil war. and looked to hold his own well against all the seasoned heroes. Spidey has alot to learn and this is further shown through the restrictions on his suit and “baby seating” from Happy hogan. He has alo

2.Relatable Villain (S)

The Vulture was very relatable and could be anyones dad.

3. MCU Continuity.

This movie ties in so well with the existing MCU universe even though the timeline appeared to have been broken at some point. Peter parker

4. Tom Holland was the perfect pick for the Spiderman role. He fits in well with the spectacular spiderman or any other spiderman

5. The Support cast plays in well with the overall plot. The movie creates a community of teens all going through specific issues and they remind us of who we were at that age

6. Tony Stark’s relationship with Peter Parker made absolute sense and the armour design was very realistic to the “technologic maturity” that the MCU has at the moment

7.Breaking the ” fourth wall” … Again!

Audiences around the world were trolled by captain Steve rodgers. Its tradition for MCU movies to leave you with a Post credit scene. This time Cap himself joins in on the gag and does it Deadpool style. This is By far my best Post


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