Go watch  easily ’s best movie after Wonder woman 8/10

Alot has been said, blogged, “Youtubed” etc about Justice league.

Issues with the Villain, Issues with Dialogue, Issues with a CGI’d moustache you name it.

I loved  as much as i loved  (Ultimate cut)

Addressing some of the Issues:

1. So lets talk about Steppenwolf:

Some have called him a weak villain. How is someone who requires a combined force Zeus, Amazons, Lanterns, Atlantians and Men a weak villain.

His motive was direct and focused. Search for the Mother box and transform earth into a dark planet.

In relation to his swift and easy defeat! Well it’s Kar-el we are talking about. Over powered alien boy scout. Steppenwolf stood no chance.

And remember the fact that the team only had two seasoned heroes in Batman and Wonderwoman. Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman were still finding their feet and we all know what each are capable of when they are at the peak of their abilities.

2.  for Gamers.

As usual there were nodes to the arkham games for those that have played the series.

The moment were Batman saves Diana from a Parademon was straight out of the games combat mechanics. Batman using his gear to take out stronger opponents.

3. The node to the original source material.

4. Benchmark

 VS  VS  VS  based on how the DCEU has evolved we must admit that the story telling has gotten better.

Wonder woman was an exceptionally done movie and that has been or should be the actual bench mark for the next DCEU movies. It had a great balance of action, human interest stories, dialogue and plot. Justice league carried all these aspects but had to table all of them in only 2hour (No excuses)

5. Reshoots

The reshoots and re-edits were bound to create a not so finished product and obvious things like Cavil’s Moustache were bound to happen. So many scenes were cut out of the movie and so many plot points were rushed inorder to have a movie that would have alot of screen time at the cinema (No. of times it can be watched a day)

6. We broke bread!

If you are a true DC or Comic book fan, Seeing the Justice league team up for the first time on the big screen was worth every penny!



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