Tonny Stark in Dispair: May be at the Death of one of the Avengers. Peter may be. He looks like he is in the thick of things

Banner: Looks like he just received a heavenly beating from Thanos. Coulda beaten him back into Banner or its a scene when he drops back to earth. May be Doctor Strange teleports him back to earth (Thinking a loud)

We see Strange and Wong Look down on Banner or may be something else. Wong seems to have mastered that “dark arts’ ehhh lol

Vision after mind tone is taken? Or Vision trying out a new look remember he was about to shape shift when we “woke up” the First time (Thor Cap mimicking)

Banner building Hulk buster unit? Banner Building His own Hulk Armour (Can’t wait to see it in Action)

“Great minds” Apart from Wong 😅

Spidey Sense. After premature out burst from some movie goers earlier this year. We see that here in the trailer. Peter is developing new senses and abilities as he grows

Few things shock Stark, What ever it is that he is looking at seems to have him worried. May be Thanos ship ascending or one of those ships we saw spidey look at from the Bus.

So Loki did steal the Tesseract from Odin’s vault Touche. May be he is handing it over to Thanos or one of his “Black order” soldiers

The first look at the mad Titan. Not so Purple after all. Looks alot like Josh Brolin

The Iron Spider suit (First look in action) must say its pretty sweet

Tech seems a lot like stark suit with the eyes glowing. The Armor looks Sick and hope we get to see retracting arms like in the comics

Thor pulling on some sorta massive device. may be trying to charge Asgardian ship.

Marvel heros start pack pose! 😅. Mehn he looks like he struggling with this. We might not see him untill end of the movie after this hustle. Where is the eye Patch

PROXIMA! Atleast a sorta 1st look at her. The trailer was so fast during this scene.

The KING himself. Wonder where he will be at this time since we haven’t seen proceedings of Black panther YET! But Tchala needs to comb his hair doh

Cap! Need i say more

Wonder seems to be glad to see him. Wonder if this is the battle where vision is taken and the stone extracted from his head.

Will Part 1 be about them trying to stop Thanos from taking the Stone from vision?

BOOM! the hulk buster or may be Hulk armour? We’ll find out in May

New look eyyy. Natasha seems to be ending someone. May be she’s stabbing Proxima or may be

Doctor Strange looks like he is really OP. He seems to still have the Time stone

What ever these monsters are, they look like they are no match for Tchala. Also they seem to be Minions of Thanos. More Deviants?

Well we’re all thinking it! Spidey is done for. That Body slam will definitely leave a mark

Oh boy! Vision about to lose that Power stone. Easter Egg: Thats Corvus Glaive’s weapon 

Another one to the collection

So Thanos isnt as Purple as before! My mate Perry said this CG isn’t that great. I think the trailer is being deceptive. We saw this happen in Civil war with “edited out” characters. Also my theory is that when he gets into the Full on Thanos Rage mode may be his colour will change or this is simply a lighting Issue

Awesome first look at the Mark 48/49 stark armor. Looks more body textured than the previous Mark 47

The Infinity gauntlet looks different from from those we’ve seen before. also why do I have a feeling they have edited out some stones.

That was simply RUDE! Tony’s armour seems defenceless against the mad titans fist

Bucky!!! Same old toys. with all that High-tech staff lying around in Wakanda, Bucky choose this

Take me to your leader!

Falcon still sporting his two piece

Whatever these things are they seem to be in thousands

The money shot!

Ohh hello Ordin son. Interesting how they added the patch after that leaked SDCC footage

The Guardians of the Galaxy with Teen groot. May be this will be opening scene of movie right after where Ragnarok left off. Also read somewhere that the GOTG and Thor will be dealing with inter planetary issues. Hope to see alot of off earth Affairs.


So what do you think of these stills? Anything missed? anything to add? let me know in the comments section


  1. I dont think Peter will die isnt he already scheduled for homecoming 2…guys likely to die are those whose contracts end with the 4th avengers movie

    • He will be doing future MCU spidey movies. But the thing with the Infinity war storyline is that deaths and resurrections are very common. Remember the Time stone is in there and Strange has already used it to revive his mates


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