New Avengers infinity War trailer! Loads of great new content and that wtf moment at the end! 

The break down

Young Gamora? – This should be a flash back scene from her narration on who thanos is

After Thanos had conquered and destroyed her race? he takes one warrior to train into one of his Black Order warriors

Tony’s nightmare is about to become a reality: “Hope they remember you”

Above is the vision tony had in Age of Ultron – Will this be a reality at the end of the show down with Thanos

We are back in Wakanda!

The charge is on! But why do I think its the Hulk in that Hulk Buster!

Seems to be easily over run by Thanos’ minions

Vision still has the mind stone but for how long?

Stills above are property of Marvel and Its respective studios and publishing houses

We have what he wants! The eye of Agamotto aka time stone will of-course be taken from Steven strange

Strange bested by another master of the arts – this could be ebony maw projecting glass or whatever material that is

Voldemort looking character is Ebony Maw a “magician”

The BLACK ORDER: L-R Proxima Midnight, *Loki(Not confirmed to defect to Thanos team), Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Super Giant missing in the image is Black Dwarf

Represented in this comic still

Guardians meet Avengers – Looks like they will be the comic reflief!

Something to note though – Peter Quill has celestial blood in him so he should be able to pose a formidable challenge to thanos or his order

Peter meets Strange – Fake names (Total rookie moment)

Stark really pimped that armour! he isn’t about to fall from space again! That Rocket buster upgrade will surely come in handy

At first it looked like Steve was struggling to contain the grasp from Thanos

Intrigue? Shock? amusement? or total WTF moment for Thanos… Steve has done some pretty strange stuff in the MCU so far! Lifting Miljnor, Fighting Ironman bare knuckles and now this! 

Are they hinting at Captain being a Skrull (Shape shifter)

This moment clearly references this still from the comics

Straight out of the source material: Captain America vs Thanos

Now that he has all but one! Where do you think the 6th Stone is? My money is still on Wakanda or when he raids the Asgardian refugee ship and takes it from Heimdal (Still referencing the yellow glow in his eyes)

We still haven’t gotten a glimpse of Hawkeye in all the promo material or trailers!
What are your thoughts on this new trailer? rate it from 1 – 10 and lets talk in the comment section below on anything you think I missed or don’t agree with
PS: Im sure the typos are mob hahaha
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Stills above are property of Marvel and Its respective studios and publishing houses



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