Facebook will probably copyright strike your content, suspend or permanently delete your account due to the following reasons.

Facebook has put measures in place to protect user content: Below is an extract from Facebook on the issue

How do you deal with people and Pages who repeatedly violate your standards?
Simply removing content that violates our standards is not enough to deter repeat offenders. It’s why every time we remove something, it counts as a strike against the person who posted it. And when it comes to Pages, we hold both the entire Page and the person who posted the content accountable.

How the violators “catch” other violators

Here’s a step-by-step overview of what happens when content is reported to Facebook:

  • If a Page posts content that violates our Community Standards, the Page and the Page admin responsible for posting the content receive a strike.
  • When a Page surpasses a certain threshold of strikes, the whole Page is unpublished.
  • For people, including Page admins, the effects of a strike vary depending on the severity of the violation and a person’s history on Facebook. For example, some content is so bad that posting it just once means we would remove the account immediately. In the case of other violations, we may warn someone the first time they break our Community Standards. If they continue, we may temporarily block their account, which restricts their ability to post on Facebook or remove it altogether.
How Are We Doing at Enforcing Our Community Standards


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