Should the government remove OTT during #COVID19? Can the government remove it during this lockdown? Yes, they can.

They may but I don’t think they will.

Why do I think this? Well mainly because it’s a way of self-regulation and it’s already a policy in place.
People already use a VPN and some people still use other technology to bypass restrictions.

It is a Yes and No because with the OTT we have something to use to pay for the face mask, sanitizers, and gloves for the Health workers.

The downside is limited access to social media for the people that may not afford the OTT means limited access to updates and insights on #COVID19

OTT has taught us to utilize our MBs effectively. We make appointments with particular information channels and user accounts online. This though has led to better information and a huge segment of Misinformation and fake news. Especially on Whatsapp and Facebook


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