Globally, 4.2 billion people are active social media users. This number grew by more than 490 million between January 2020 and January 2021.
The Next Com team attributed the rapid growth of social media in Uganda to continued improvement in mobile possibilities

“Most social media networks have been optimized for mobile browsing, making it easier to access their sites anywhere, anytime. 71.2% of the 46.43 million Ugandans have access to mobile phones,”

Right now, due to the #COVID19 Pandemic, I would invest 80% of my marketing budget into digital marketing.

Danze on NBS Breakfast meeting
Danze Edwin, Head of Digital Marketing at Next Media Services on NBS Breakfast meeting

“Businesses have a task to tailor needs to the end-user while putting in mind competitor analysis. As an advantage, having these stats allows for planned communication, direct online feedback, faster business decisions, and managing brand perception online,”

“Numbers don’t lie, and these clearly show the trajectory of marketing. The future of marketing is online. Better to dive in now,”

I advise brands to invest in tools and agencies like Next Com to give you detailed insights into how much impact you have as a business online.


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