The premise

The latest social media statistics released by Next Com show that there are 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide, and this number grew by 490 million between January 2020 and January 2021. As it equates, this stands at 13.2% of the current world population.

What’s our share in this social pie? 

Uganda contributes 3.4 million active users with an annual growth of 900,000 thousand users.  

Some key factors that contributed to this growth

The pandemic; With lockdowns and quarantines happening across the globe, there was a huge shift in people creating accounts online for school, learning new skills and 

The key to note is People watched more than they read. Video content consumption hit an all-time high with over 60% video content consumed compared to text or image.

YouTube how-to videos and children’s entertainment content, Tiktok challenges, and Instagram reels tippled in views.

Social media has been growing exponentially, and yet it hasn’t even reached its popularity peak! There’s no denying that social media platforms are now a major source of news and information.

Locally News portals and media houses have the biggest following and it too reflects in the personal accounts that provide news updates. 


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