There are loads of statistics out there about Africa, the world, social media platforms, and so on but the most important data to you shouldn’t be the one that relates to you, but to your niche and what your target audience cares about. For instance, a video content creator should be more concerned about what the viewing metrics are and what platform algorithm matters to that particular platform. If you are using YouTube, people need to like your video, recommend it, and or subscribe to your channel. You need to have your notifications on.

Where is your brand or product discovered first?

Another insight that is key is where brands are discovered first. It’s usually on the internet by word of mouth, adverts on TV, or messaging on the radio, but it’s more refined online, and here’s why. Most brands are discovered through search engines. Word of mouth is going to be the influencer marketing or that conversation you’re going to see on the social media platform timeline, whereby someone is recommending a shoe product or cosmetic brand or music and so on.

Danze Edwin John explains the impact of #90DaysOfOilandMining online data to the UNOC Exco

Remember, NOT ALL CAMPAIGN DATA is “that” important.

For awareness Campaigns, focus on the Reach, Engagement, Views, Sentiment and the Audience metrics (List of contributors, their clout contribution, Gender,
Age, Location and Mobile use)

For conversation-based campaigns, focus more on the leads and conversation rate! If you are
investing a dollar in a campaign, you need to know how effect it was. How many
people did your ad reach and what was the CTR.

I expounded more on the topic in an article on The New Vision


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