Over the weekend I Produced and directed another episode of NBS Television #AnotherRoundUg “on the road” to Kibale National Park.

Here are a couple of things I learnt during this particular shoot;

1. Uganda has too much to offer in terms of sights and sounds. In Kibale National Park, We immersed ourselves into the natural chimpanzee and bird cries/ noises. It was new to most of our ears and eyes. The way the alphas behave around their communities and how they groom each other was an amazing sight. It’s different watching it happen in real life

Another Round Ug Crew at the Kibale National Park Entrance

2. Selecting guests should be specific to the conversation. There are so many divergent takes on Africa Culture and I am glad we had Safina and Ashley on set. They shared unfiltered opinions on real-life and cultural issues women are facing in Africa.

Allow your guest to affect your show in a functional way. Go off script if you have to but remember to maintain the show DNA.

The two guests are part of @frauenug, a Youth-led women’s community in Uganda providing a safe space for victims & survivors of sexual violence.

Danze, Ashley and Safina. There fun and Jolly but they do not back down from any conversation.. especially when it comes to Women’s rights

3. It pays to work with experienced Show hosts.

Their creative input and ability to adapt to location and topic changes are invaluable. I continue to learn a lot on the job because no location is the same. There is always a need for passionate show presenters and crew.

Gaetano Kagwa and Marcus Kwikiriza film at Fort Portal Tea Plantation

Thank you Gaetano Kagwa and Marcus kwikiriza.

4. Collaboration on of the greatest engines in the media and creative industry.

We partnered with Great Lakes Safaris, Uganda Lodges, Uganda Wildlife Authority for the Kibale National Park chimpanzee tracking experience.

Danze Edwin directing the Kibale Primate Lodge #AnotherRoundUg Segment

Adam Magara and Moses Melvin Kiyimba co-produced this episode.

#TheLifeOfDeejahn #producerlife #Producer #Collaboration #VisitUganda


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