Monday, March 30, 2020

Digital Media

New trends in Journalism in the social media age

Broadcast or traditional media has to work hand in hand with digital media for effective news deliver. Story...

Messenger for kids and 7 Days in Entebbe

Infinix ZERO Unboxing

Infinix Zero smart phone, flagship phone from Infinix Mobile Uganda

Cyber security – Mobile Devices and money transactions

Mobile Money impact on Banking in Uganda

Mobile Money impact on Banking in Uganda, Facebook expansion meaning new jobs and the avengers infinity war trailer on #NBSKonnect

How to set up your Business profile on Facebook

Online Marketing is one of the cheapest means of running a business, Its fast, reactional and very effective interms of product-customer interaction Watch the video...

Clean up your online profile and Take a look at the...

Find out how you can clean up your online profile and Take a look at the Google Pixel 2 Mobile phone on #NBSKonnect episode 9 part...

Cyber Security – Cyber crime in Uganda I had a discussion with Olga and Emma about Ugandan Cyber crime #NBSKonnect  

Taxify app and the new Twitter 280 Character update We talk about the Taxify app, new Twitter 280 Character update and Century Fox's "The Mountain between us" #NBSKonnect

Cyber security – An interview with Milima Technologies Learn about Cyber security from Milima Technologies Uganda (Cyber Security Company in Uganda) #NBSKonnect Content displayed in this clip is owned by its respective...