Sunday, May 16, 2021

Digital Media

Racists Zoombombed my meeting

Five (5) tips on how to avoid zoom bombing I recently hosted a zoom meeting for #TBUConversions, it was...

Social media basics – Platforms, People and Content #SocialMediaBasics

After a poll on my twitter, my friends asked me to share some insights on how to manage a brand online but...

How to promote your startup and Business online

Part of my Facebook LIVE session on promoting new business and startup online Media and PR coaching sessions on content for startups....

Great things to do during #COVID19 lockdown

How to use the internet during the #COVID19 Lockdown. Social media will be misleading, but also very entertaining and a great time...

OTT during #COVID19

Should the government remove OTT during #COVID19? Can the government remove it during this lockdown? Yes, they can.

What will get your Youtube video flagged

0 Youtube copyright issues, how to avoid them and how to protect your content. Read more about...

Community standards on Facebook – Don’t lose your account

Facebook will probably copyright strike your content, suspend or permanently delete your account due to the following reasons.

New trends in Journalism in the social media age

Broadcast or traditional media has to work hand in hand with digital media for effective news deliver. Story...

Messenger for kids and 7 Days in Entebbe


Infinix ZERO Unboxing

Infinix Zero smart phone, flagship phone from Infinix Mobile Uganda