Friday, April 23, 2021

Digital Media

What will get your Youtube video flagged

0 Youtube copyright issues, how to avoid them and how to protect your content. Read more about...

Messenger for kids and 7 Days in Entebbe


How to create content online

0 How to create content online. #Content101 - Audio, Text, Image and Video #DigitalMarketing How should...

Infinix ZERO Unboxing

Infinix Zero smart phone, flagship phone from Infinix Mobile Uganda

Clean up your online profile and Take a look at the...

Find out how you can clean up your online profile and Take a look at the Google Pixel 2 Mobile phone on #NBSKonnect episode 9 part...

Cyber security – An interview with Milima Technologies

0 Learn about Cyber security from Milima Technologies Uganda (Cyber Security Company in Uganda) #NBSKonnect Content displayed in this clip is owned by its respective...

Cyber Security – Cyber crime in Uganda

0 I had a discussion with Olga and Emma about Ugandan Cyber crime #NBSKonnect  

Content101 – Video content

0 How should you post video content online for you and your business? Content 101 - Deep...

Cyber security – Mobile Devices and money transactions


Racists Zoombombed my meeting

Five (5) tips on how to avoid zoom bombing I recently hosted a zoom meeting for #TBUConversions, it was...