Thursday, May 12, 2022


Down town mayhem – Spiderman PS4 Game play

Down town mayhem - Spiderman PS4 Game play

Taking down Multiple Ravagers in Horizon Zero Dawn

Used a Tall Neck as my vantage point to take down 3 Ravagers and a watcher! Knock off their blasters and use them against...

Saving Oracle in Batman Arkham Knight PS4

There is nothing sweeter than Batman tech, tearing up some UMDs (unmanned drones). Here's the situation, after Bruce recovers oracle they are pinned down and...

Unchartered – Monsters and Human enemy stage

Shoot em up - Monsters and Human enemy stage

How to take down a Storm bird in Horizon Zero Dawn™...

Storm Bird Hunting - Horizon Zero Dawn So What's a Storm bird? The Stormbird is a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn. Capable of high altitude flight and equipped with...

God of War PS4 – Story trailer

0 More about God of War PS4 From Santa Monica Studio and creative director Cory Barlog comes a new beginning for one of gaming’s most...

How to clear a corrupted zone in Horizon Zero Dawn™

0 Here's how to clear a Corrupted zone in Horizon Zero Dawn Alloy is wearing the Ancient armour with an advanced shield that lets me take...

War frame in game tweaks – Volt Warframe

0 After getting the new volt Skin Drifta just had to do this!

My latest gaming obsession – Horizon Zero Dawn

I was never really a major fan of open world games that requires the upgrades but this got me hooked The trailer for Horizon Zero...

How to take down drones in Batman Arkham Knight

0 Batman Arkham Knight is a BEAST of a game! The Aerial Combat mechanics are great. The gliding and take downs are addictive and absolutely satisfying! Check...