Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Podcast – International Break and Swansea Buildup

https://soundcloud.com/mufcug/international-break-manutd-vs-swansea-jose-press-conference-and-another-pogba-debate We talk about the International Break and build up to the Manchester United vs Swansea #MUFCUG podcast featuring Jude Mugabi, Beewol, Deejahn, Pyepar, Roy, Blaze and...

Podcast – European Exit

Manchester United 1 vs 2 Sevilla. Podcast Hosted By Deejahn featuring Jude Mugabi Talking points: Managers tea selection, Brighton pregame review and predictions Sanchez performances,...

Podcast – Manutd 2 vs 1 Liverpool

Manchester United 2 vs 1 Liverpool   #MUFCUG podcast Hosted By Deejahn featuring Roy, Nobert and Lazo.Talking points:...

Podcast – January Transfers Sanchez to United

Welcome to the 1st #MUFCUG podcast Hosted By Beewol, Deejahn, Roy and Blaze. On the pilot Podcast we talk all thing Manchester United from you local Uganda...