Shazam – The real Captain Marvel

Shazam breathes more fresh air on the DC warner bros CBMs genre. A unique...

End Game New Trailer

Mark your calendars, This 27 of April, the avengers do whatever it takes #TalkingMoviesUg

Anthem – feel the power of the Javelins

Imagine a world where you have the power to go tow to tow with monsters 5 times your height and 100 times...

Glass – M. Night Shyamalan completes the trilogy

Followed a couple fo movies from M. Night Shyamalan and I must say they are Unique, but specifically this trilogy - Unbreakable,...

BIRDS OF PREY – TEASER Check out the first sneak peek at Harley Quinn's Birds of Prey! Starring Margot Robbie, Mary...

Avengers 4 – End Game trailer

Down town mayhem – Spiderman PS4 Game play

Down town mayhem - Spiderman PS4 Game play

Great God – Teri Akwekana

Here's a single from My Sis Irene Danze and her husband Bobby Serunjogi

It comes in Black!

Spiderman Far from home will showcase your friendly neighbourhood spider-man in new armour

Venom Movie review thread

Venom is an enjoyable comic book movie, It isn't among the greatest made but it surely is the best take on Venom in cinematic...